My Medieval Times Review of Medieval Times Orlando

by Sami

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My Medieval Times Review is from our recent trip to Florida when we were invited to attend a dinner and show at Medieval Times Orlando.

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Our family getting ready to enter the Medieval Times Orlando castle

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Great! So now that I’ve gotten the details out of the way for all my frugal friends that want the deals up front, let me tell you a little more about our experience at the Medieval Times show!


Those knights behind us don't look ready to protect us!

Even if there weren’t so many great opportunities to get discount Medieval Times tickets, you would still want to plan on taking your family to a Medieval Times dinner tournament near you.

As loyal Disney fans, we usually don’t stray far from Walt Disney World when we’re in Orlando. However, this last trip was not only for our family of four, but also included both grandmas and my brother-in-law, so we wanted something that would please a group of seven ranging in ages from 4 – 60+ (to preserve my relationships, I won’t reveal the exact age of the top end of our family spectrum!)


Ready for dinner & a show at Medieval Times Orlando!

When we were given the opportunity to go to Medieval Times Orlando, I immediately thought it was a great idea. Not only was it such a quick drive over from Disney’s Pop Century Resort, but I loved the fact that it was a dinner and a show all in one.


Our future designer checking out the old school fashions!


Too bad we entered in the exit and didn't catch this until the end!

Get there early because there is so much more to see and do beyond the show. The grounds boast several exhibits that truly transport you back to the Medieval Times, from the clothes they wore to how they tortured people (we missed that this portion of the tour was not acceptable for young children until we exited through the proper entrance – consider yourself forewarned 🙂


Britton getting into the act


Princess Kariss & Nanita

It goes without saying that my 4yo son loved getting to pretend he was a knight and my 5yo daughter fit right into the role as a princess. As soon as you enter, they ‘assign’ you a knight to cheer for and give you a crown to wear in the corresponding color. You’re also seated in your knight’s section, so you have a whole gaggle of fans to cheer him on with.

The festivities and meal started very promptly after we were seated – which is important when you are traveling with small children (and big kids who are hungry after a day at the parks too!). The food was surprisingly good – especially the roasted chicken – but get ready to eat without utensils…just part of keeping the experience authentic.


Our Bill of Fare for the night

It was great to be able to enjoy dinner while enjoying a truly first class show!


Let the festivites begin!

If I had to find any critiques, they would be:
-The experience went a little late for our 4yo, but it was an exciting, non-stop adventure that kept him entertained despite the fatigue!
-There were very few beverage choices that were included in the meal (Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Iced Tea) – otherwise, it’s just water.
-The “wenches” walking up and down the aisles with light-up swords and wands didn’t seem to keep with the rest of the authentic Medieval Times experience, but I recognize it is Orlando after all!


Me & my prince

Some favorite moments of the night:
-My mom (who loves anything equestrian related) LOVED all the horse showmanship. These are truly talented individuals we got to watch, both with the horses and in sword combat. You can tell these are very skilled artists and athletes and it in no way felt contrived.
-Our knight won! There’s no way to control that, but it made the evening so fun!
-The knights come out to the lobby after the show, so you can meet them and get photos – very cool for the kiddos.


The Yellow Knight won!

Our Medieval Times show experience was truly an evening to remember. If you’re looking to make a large group of people happy (and I have to admit I think it was SO much fun being there with a large group) and can’t decide between a dinner and a show, why not do it all?! The Medieval Times dinner theater was a great way for our family to make memories that will definitely last a lifetime.

Have you taken your family? I’d love to hear your experiences below!

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