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My Music Icon Stalking, I mean Spotting…


I can honestly say that I do not get starstruck easily.

But there is one music icon that I have always wanted to meet: Justin Bieber. (just kidding! I’m sure he’s a lovely person and all, but just not my style).

The one music artist I’ve always dreamed of meeting was Mark Schultz. So when I thought I spotted him getting on my plane this morning (& trust me, I NEVER notice or even recognize celebrities – just as my husband!), I knew I had to stalk him once we landed.

You see, years ago when Ricky and I had just gotten married and still had time to ask each other ethereal questions, we each shared who we would want to write and sing the soundtrack of our lives (remember, this was before we were chasing two kids in diapers).

Ricky’s answer was easy: Wynona. (By the way, if you’re reading this Wy, my hubs is still dying to meet you besides the time he served you coffee at the Cool Springs Starbucks drive thru 😉

My answer was equally as swift: Mark Schultz.

I dare anyone to listen to his songs without crying. He writes such passionate tales of life, love, family, heartache, passion and just an overall sense of becoming all God designed for us to be while leaving a lasting legacy for the generation behind us.

Yes, I’m a fan.

Truth be told, I actually have met him once before. Right after I became a Christian back in 2000, I saw him perform at a church in South Florida and he signed a CD for me.

Shocking he didn’t remember me from that this morning, right?

Even funnier was that his name just came up this past weekend when I was hosting the Discount Shopping Club live show, where I again confessed he was the one music icon I’ve always hoped to meet. I mean I’ve got a regular gig at a radio station, so you’d think it wouldn’t be that hard to meet someone in the music industry!

But no, I had to accost this poor, unsuspecting musician at a very early hour in the morning and try to convince him that I wasn’t a stalker, that I just wanted him to write the soundtrack of my life.

That sounds totally normal, right?

He graciously agreed to the hazy picture above and then after I took a breath for air, he mentioned he only had 10 minutes to catch his connection.

Way to go, Sami.

So Mark, I am so sorry if I made you miss your flight..and I’m even more sorry to the people attending the show I’m sure you were on your way to.

But just know that you made one fan very delighted and thankful that the man behind the music is just as gracious as I’d always imagined. (And I promise to be much more professional if I ever ‘happen’ to run in to you again at The Fish 😉

Now it’s your turn, who is the one music icon you’ve always hoped to meet?