The New Disney Winnie the Pooh Movie Review

by Sami

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Yesterday the kids and I got a sneak peak of the new Disney “Winnie the Pooh” movie that will be in theaters for everyone to enjoy on July 15….and you will!

This modern twist on an old classic was utterly delightful, and had parents and children alike laughing and even crying (well, maybe the kids weren’t crying, just those of us old enough to remember this silly old bear from our own childhood).

As soon as the film started in the non-animated Christopher Robin’s room, my 6 year old exclaimed, “It’s the REAL Pooh!” it then proceeded with the traditional transition to the animated story book with the classic Winnie the Pooh theme song performed artfully and sweetly by Zooey Deschanel – setting a perfect tone for respecting the classic style that was about to be duplicated in a new story.
Zooey-deschanel-poohWhile Pooh’s voice sounded exactly the same to me, they brought in some of today’s most popular performers to recreate the other characters, including John Cleese and Jim Cummings. It was hard for me to hear some of those differences, but the performance quality was still equal to the original. They even worked in the original Tigger theme song, a point that was not lost on my own kids since that was the one song they hoped to hear in the movie!

I wasn’t asked to write a review in exchange for the tickets I received to the screening, but I simply wanted to share how charming I thought this film was. I think Disney learned it’s lesson after what may have been a slight failure in the series they created a couple years ago, “My Friends Tigger & Pooh”, where they tried to turn our friends from the Hundred Acre Wood into Super Sleuths.
In 6 words: Don’t Mess with a Good Thing!

Call us purists, but we like our Pooh bear just the way he is 🙂

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