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Old Navy Weekly Coupons

The Old Navy Weekly site has been reset with new coupons and while the 2 biggest ones are already gone, here are the locations of the remaining coupons if you’re interested in snagging an even better deal on some of their summer clearance items!
(thanks to The Good Deal Gal for helping me find the locations I was missing!)

* 10% off any Rec Tech Item (what’s that??) – Click on the lollipop in the little girl’s hand

* $10 off $50 or more – Drag the set of keys (with the “E”), the mirrored compact, and the pink coin purse and drop them into the striped tote at the bottom of the page

* $15 off $75 or more – Drag the keys (with the “E”) and drop them in the gal’s cargo pocket (white shirt and green cargos)

* $20 off $100 or more – Watch the video and click on ‘Real Celebrity Stories’