Our All Inclusive Family Vacation to Club Med Sandpiper Florida

by Sami

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I know I’ve told you about how I used to work for Club Med resorts, but recently we were actually able to take an all inclusive family vacation to Club Med Sandpiper Florida!

You may not have been aware that there were any all inclusive resorts in Florida, much less a Club Med in Florida! But it’s true. Not only is Club Med Sandpiper Bay the only all inclusive resort in the United States, but it is Club Med’s flagship resort for premium sports (including tennis, golf, and fitness academies that guests can take part in!).


The view from our room

Located in Port St. Lucie, FL, less than an hour North of West Palm Beach and just over an hour South-east of Orlando, Club Med Sandpiper is truly an oasis.

Having worked for Club Med, I knew what a wonderful vacation destination it was. So when I was recently invited on a media trip to the newly renovated Sandpiper Bay, I was excited to see what it would be like to be a GM (guest) instead of a GO (worker). But what I didn’t realize was just how much they have to offer families looking for the ultimate vacation experience while still staying on a budget.

As if Sandpiper Bay wasn’t already fabulous enough (after all, they do make their famous white chocolate bread daily), they reopened in December 2010 with $25 million in renovations. While these renovations stretched throughout the resort, there are two I want to make special note of for traveling families:

Kidz Village

There is little more as a mom that’s more important than making sure your kids have a memorable vacation. Perhaps the most important and distinguishing feature about Club Med Sandpiper Bay is the Mini Club. There are children’s programs for kids from ages 4 months through 17 years, and these aren’t any average activities mind you…

As a child on vacation with my dad, I remember leaving him after breakfast and sometimes not re-joining him until after the show at the end of the night. Yes, you heard me right, I said show. When the GO’s aren’t performing Broadway style shows after dinner, the kids participate in everything from circus shows to dance shows. During their days, kids are not just babysat. No, no, no. Kids participate in and learn all the same sports their parents do, including tennis, hockey, basketball, skateboarding, and yes, even the flying trapeze!

In the Kidz Village, the most notable renovations include the splash park, the amazing BRITTO Art Center for children (by the way, Romero Britto is my all-time favorite artist!!!), as well as a new junior’s lounge and hang out – Latitude 27°.


The originaly Britto mural in the Kidz Village

Deluxe Family Rooms

Nowhere have I ever seen a resort give such thought and attention to families traveling together! While not all the rooms have been renovated at this point, they have created amazing deluxe family rooms with a private room for parents, a separate bedroom for children, a large living space (with very Ikea-like interior design) and one and a half baths.

I’m always torn on vacation at night because I want my children to get rest, but I never want to put them to bed at a normal time because that means that we, as parents, have to go to bed early as well. Now at Sandpiper Bay, you have two great options: the Deluxe Family Rooms or the PJ club, and extended hours babysitting service (from 7pm-1am – there is an extra charge for this service).


The living area of the Deluxe Family Suite (that couch can become a bed too!)

There’s so much more to share about our Club Med vacation (which I promise will come in a post soon), but there’s one point I do want to stress. There are many resorts that may claim to be all inclusive, but Club Med is the only true all-inclusive resort. From the gourmet meals, full bar and activities to the aforementioned sports lessons and kids’ clubs, you will not pull out your wallet while you are there.

I can honestly say that of all the ‘trips’ my family and I have taken over the past seven years, none of them achieved the same level of ‘vacation’ we truly experienced at Club Med Sandpiper Bay.

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