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Publix Italian Days – save on Progresso, Hunts & more


Publix Italian Days are going on still this week, and so many of have been asking how I’ve been getting so much for so little, I thought I’d share a quick video explaining the phenomenon 🙂

Keep in mind, this is just one deal scenario. Make sure you grab the special Publix Italian Days coupons in the front of the store to pair with your manufacturer’s coupons. The coupons I reference in the video are:

Hunts Tomatoes – $.45 off of 3 from 1/23 Smart Source

Progresso Soup – $1 off of 4 cans from 1/16 Smart Source
(keep in mind, coupons vary by region)

When you buy a combined 20, you can then take $5 off your entire purchase. The best combination to use the maximum number of coupons is to buy 8 cans of Progresso soup and 12 cans of Hunts Tomatoes in one transaction. This also allows you to use two of the coupons towards $1.50 off of Publix Bakery bread.

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