Raising Uncommon Kids: Resources to Share

by Sami

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Thanks for being willing to help spread the message of Raising Uncommon Kids!

Your influence will impact your kids far more than your instruction

In order for the words on the pages of #UncommonKids to make a difference in the lives of families across the world, they need to be shared.

That’s where you come in…

Regardless of where you live, work or share, I have ideas below for everyone. Of course, feel free to share whatever jumps out at you from the book anytime you feel like it with the hashtag #Uncommon Kids.

Raising Uncommon Kids Social Shares

Sample Tweets:

Raising Uncommon Kids by @TheSamiCone is finally here! Check out this must-read for every parent: https://bit.ly/RUKhome #UncommonKids (CLICK TO TWEET)

Tweet: Before we can raise uncommon kids, we have to be uncommon ourselves. ~ @TheSamiCone #UncommonKids

Tweet: Choose joy instead of chasing it. ~
@TheSamiCone #UncommonKids

Tweet: Love is not simply a feeling; it’s an action.
~ @TheSamiCone #UncommonKids

Tweet: Regardless of how you feel ABOUT each other, you have to communicate WITH each other ~ @TheSamiCone #UncommonKids

Tweet: God calls us to release control, not our responsibility.
~ @TheSamiCone #UncommonKids

Facebook Messages:

Looking for a parenting book filled with biblical wisdom AND practical advice? Check out Sami Cone’s new book releasing this week, “Raising Uncommon Kids”. I can’t wait for you to read it: https://bit.ly/RUKhome

Quoteable Images:


287958_RaisingUncommon_Postslove is not simply a feeling RUK quote

choose joy instead of chasing it raising uncommon kids

Characteristic Images:

Raising Uncommon Kids Loveharmony & joy raising uncommon kidsGentleness Raising Uncommon Kidsbear with raising uncommon kidsforgive raising uncommon kidsRaising Uncommon Kids WisdomRaising Uncommon Kids PatienceRaising Uncommon Kids Kindness chapter 8Raising Uncommon Kids GratitudeRaising Uncommon Kids PeaceHumility Raising Uncommon KidsCompassion Raising Uncommon Kids

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