$100 Rakuten Giveaway + FREE $40 Sign Up Bonus

by Sami

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Could you use an extra $100?

I’ve partnered with Rakuten to give one of you a chance to win $100 this weekend!

$100 Cash Back Giveaway

That’s right. All you have to do is enter your Rakuten email address into the giveaway widget. Then the folks at Rakuten will randomly choose one winner from my audience to have a $100 Cash Back prize deposited into their Rakuten account.  

Sami Cone’s $100 Giveaway

$40 Sign Up Bonus

If you’re not already a Rakuten member, it’s free to join this cash back program. That means that once you shop online and spend $40, you’ll get $40 deposited into your account.

That’s not a giveaway, that’s a guarantee!

Just make sure you activate your Rakuten web extension or shop directly through their website or app. Once you click on Raktuen, it will take you directly to your favorite retailers online.

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