Ready to be a Princess? Sofia the First DVD shows you how!

by Sami

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Ready to be a princess? Let Sofia the First show you how in her new DVD!

When the Easter bunny delivered the Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess DVD earlier this year, we quickly discovered that it appealed to both the princess AND prince in our family 😉


So you can imagine our royal family’s excitement when they heard the newest DVD, Sofia the First: Ready to Be a Princess, landed on our doorstep!

Part of that was due to the new princesses making special appearances in these episodes, like Princess Jasmine who you can see in this clip of “The Ride of our Lives”:

In “Ready to be a Princess”, we also get to meet a new friend in the episode “A Shy Princess”:

Ultimately, I love our Sofia the First: Ready to be a Princess for the following simple reasons:
1. It entertains both my children
2. It includes many episodes totaling almost 2 hours that makes it a great value
3. It is brightly animated without appearing ‘babyish’
4. Characters are voiced by some of my favorite TV personalities, like Tim Gunn & Wayne Brady 😉

Why does your little princess love Sofia?

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