Summer Olympic Opening Ceremony TV time London 2012

by Sami

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The London 2012 Summer Olympic Opening Ceremonies are TODAY! And if you’re like me, you want to be sitting in front of your TV and not miss a moment of the Opening Ceremony…so in order to do that, make sure you’re tuned in to NBC at 7:30 EST/6:30 CST tonight.

For some reason, we had a hard time discovering this fact, so I thought I would share it on here for all of my fellow sports fans.

This Summer Olympics opening ceremony is special to me for several reasons:
1. My daughter just turned 8 yesterday and still believes that the opening ceremonies are a continuation of her birthday celebration 😉
2. The above fact could be due in part to the fact that she knows I turned 21 the day of the Opening Ceremonies for the Atlanta Olympic Games in 1996, the summer after I graduated from Emory University. It was a day I’ll never forget.
3. My mom is from England and is here with us right now. (If you don’t already know, my son “Britton” was named after her homeland.)
4. As a former tennis pro and an aspiring Olympic athlete, there is something unexplainable that stirs within me during every Olympics. This event is truly one that brings the world together and I look forward to it every 2 years.

So in case you’re wondering what I’ll be doing tonight at 6:30, there you go (so don’t expect me to answer your phone calls for about 3 hours tonight either!).

Bonus info: I also found out that Bravo will be carrying Olympic Tennis starting tomorrow (Saturday), so that gives me another reason to watch Bravo besides Top Chef marathons 😉

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