Top 5 Children’s Books (Elementary) for 2016

by Sami

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Some of our favorite memories come from the books our kids receive for Christmas each year.

Not only do we give our kids books, but some of our favorite memories come from book gifts our kids have received from friends and family.

With all the books that come out each year, it can be difficult to pick the perfect one to give as a gift, especially if you don’t have kids of your own, which is why I want to help.

Specifically, here are my top 5 children’s books for ages 5-10 that came out this year…

Top 5 Children’s Books (Elementary Aged)

1. Good Good Father


2. NJKV Color Code Bible


For more insights on the Color Code Bible, read my post on “What to do when your child questions God“.

3. Jesus Today™: Devotions for Kids



To read descriptions of each of these new-classics, and to see my other two top picks, head over to read the full post on

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