Top Toxic Foods to Avoid

by Sami

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poisoned-appleLast week I discovered that an old friend from Florida who actually moved to Nashville before us was still here! We got together to let three of our collective five kids play together while we spent some time catching up.

What I didn’t realize was that she and her husband have been pouring themselves into helping families get healthy through their blog, Healthy Oates. I was equally impressed with two things: 1. how passionately she’s pursuing all God has gifted her to do and 2. that even though she lives a very healthy lifestyle and coaches others to do the same, she’s a regular mom who recognizes life happens and doesn’t expect perfection from herself or others.

That last point being said, she told me how not even she buys all organic food. However, even if you can’t afford all organic foods, there are a few areas of our diets where she really does encourage others to consider organic. So, what are they?

Her top 3 foods to buy organic:

1. Milk
2. Apples
3. Potatoes

To see the rest of the list and to find out why these 3 are so toxic when not bought organically, read the rest of her article on the top 7 Highly Toxic Foods to Remove from Your Diet.

If you want to get a jump-start on that list and still stay within your grocery budget, you can head over to KROGER this week to get organic Braeburn apples for only $.99 a pound (an amazing price even for non-organic apples!).

So go on – start making small changes in your families diet and you may be amazed at the differences you notice!

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