When Kids Lose: 3 Truths to Tell Them

by Sami

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“You may not win, but you must try.
Sometimes, you’ll lose, but there’s no need to cry.
Win or lose, one thing that’s true…
No matter what, I love you!”

~ Lysa TerKeurst from “Win or Lose I Love You!

I dare say our deepest heartache once we become parents is not when we get hurt, but when our kids hurt.

And it’s one thing when they break a bone or scrape their knee, but it’s another when it’s an emotional hurt.

If your kids are little, this might look like a little friend telling them they don’t want to play with them at the park.

If your kids are in elementary school, perhaps you’ve had to watch while chaperoning a field trip as a group of girls your daughter once considered friends not only pull themselves away from your little girl, but whisper while looking in her direction.

If you have a middle school son, you may have had to watch him come home and shut himself off in his room after not making the team of the sport he’s loved since his youth.

And if you’ve made it to the high school years and beyond, you may have your own story of woe to share when your child didn’t get into the college of their dreams or worse yet, had an epic break up that no amount of hugs or ice cream could cure.

Let’s face it: the question isn’t “What should we do as parents IF our kids face a loss?” the question is “What should we do as parents WHEN our kids face a loss in their lives?”.

Lysa TerKeurst, best-selling author of 19 books, just came out with a brilliantly insightful and delightfully illustrated children’s book called, “Win or Lose, I Love You!”, and while my kids are at the age where they’ve outgrown picture books, I plan on sharing this one with them because of the insights it contains. I obviously can’t share all of them with you here, but I can share three important truths to remind your kids when they lose…

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