Whole Foods Wednesdays: Buying in Bulk

by Sami

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It’s no surprise that buying in bulk has been a common way for people to save for years now; wholesale clubs like Sam’s, Costco & BJ’s were founded on this notion. But I’ve often warned people against going overboard at such places because chances are your family doesn’t really need the 3 gallons of mayonnaise and 10 pounds of chicken they make you buy to get the deal!

That’s what I love about buying in bulk at Whole Foods Market. Not only will you naturally save money as a result of eliminating the packaging costs, but it also let’s you tailor your purchase to your personal consumption. Americans waste so much money by throwing away food we never eat, so this is a great way to start avoiding that expense.

Ever since I started shopping at Whole Foods Market, I’ve been a fan of the bulk bins. I admit, I do shop at a number of different stores (including Costco & Sam’s) depending on where I can find the best deal, and I’ve found that the best price on grits, oats, dried beans, quinoa, dried fruit and healthy candy in the bulk section of Whole Foods.

However, on my most recent trip to Whole Foods Market at Green Hills, I discovered there was more to the bulk section than even I was aware of! Did you know that they also sell cleaning products and pet food in bulk? Not only that, but if you bring in your own containers, you can save even more money!

Check out the details in this week’s Whole Foods Wednesdays video:

Here is a recap of how Buying in Bulk at Whole Foods Market can start saving you money right away:

1. Bulk items provide a great way to not only shop economically, but also in an environmentally friendly way.

2. Their bulk offerings include not only the well-known seeds, nuts, and cereal items, but also spices, cleaning detergents and even pet food!

3. Containers are available for all of our bulk products.  But if you want to help the environment and save a little money on bulk seeds, nuts, and grains, you can bring your own container, have it weighed at customer service BEFORE you bulk up, and then get 10 cents off your bulk purchase.

I hope you’re enjoying this series on started Eating Healthy on a Budget at Whole Foods. What have you found most helpful or what questions do you still have about saving money at Whole Foods Market? Please leave a comment below – I’d love to hear from you!

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