Why I’ll Be Eating at Captain D’s with my Kids: #DsNewLook

by Sami

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I wanted to share with you, my friends, why you’ll soon be seeing me and some of my favorite Nashville bloggers on social media eating at Captain D’s with our kids.

We pride ourselves on being a family on the go and I know that to be true of so many of you as well. I also know one of the reasons you frequent SamiCone.com is to learn how to save money so you and your family can go off on more fabulous adventures together without breaking your budget.

One of the biggest budget-busters when traveling (or any day for that matter) is eating out. As much as we may try to eat the majority of our meals hand-prepared at home, the truth is that many of us find ourselves needing something quick and easy at one time or another during our week. And if I said we only ate local, organic food and never walked through the doors of a fast food restaurant, I would be lying…

So when I learned that Captain D’s wanted to invite a group of bloggers to experience the revitalization of their brand, including a new look In their restaurants to make families feel like they were escaping to their favorite beachside destinations, I was intrigued. Not only that, they’re making every effort to put the emphasis back on the dining ‘experience’ and welcoming atmosphere by creating new seating options so that more families, teams and friends can gather around the same table!


But most importantly, I found out they have teamed up with the National Restaurant Association’s Kids LiveWell program, a nationwide initiative that provides parents and children with healthful menu options when dining out. This means their new kids meals and 3D Kid’s Program now come with a choice of entree with two sides…and with 4 entrées and 10 sides for kids to choose from, that equals 400 potential kid’s meal combinations (including grilled options for both adults AND kids)!


That spoke to me as a mom.

To me, if I am going to eat fast food, I want it to be somewhere that will provide my family with a quality, consistent experience, while also providing a variety of options for all of us.

So while I’ll be walking in with no pre-conceived notions about what my family will find once we get there next week, I am always open to an adventure where I have the opportunity to express my honest opinion to a brand that cares enough to listen.

My family and I are looking forward to our Captain D’s experience on April 8 and you can follow along with our adventure by joining the conversations on Twitter and following @CaptainDs and #DsNewLook.


UPDATE: You will never believe what my kids’ thought of their 3D Kids Meal at Captain Ds…

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