Win Free International Delight Light Iced Coffee: 3 Month Giveaway!

by Sami

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Attention all coffee lovers – you’ve come to the right place!

Yes ma’am…you heard correctly: I’m giving away a 3 Month Supply of International Delight Iced Coffee!

If you caught my Healthy Indulgence on a Dime segment on Fox TN Mornings this month, than you already know that while I don’t drink coffee personally, I’ve found one way for the 99.9% of you who love iced coffee to save on your budget and our waistline: the new International Delight Light Iced Coffee flavors.

This year, International Delight has introduced Vanilla & Mocha Light Iced Coffee into the mix. That means that for only about 100 calories per cup and 1/3 the price you’d pay at your favorite coffee shop, you can get your coffee kick at home.

What’s even more fun is that it’s great in recipes too. Here are just a few of my favorites I found from snooping around the International Delight Pinterest page…


But what’s even more my speed is the International Delight Iced Coffee Pinterest Board Games: you can play games AND win money-saving coupons…is there anything better than that?


Truly, I feel like I’m giving all of you a gift right now. Even though I’m not a coffee drinker, I’ve gone out and done the research, road-tested the competition, and found you the best product at the best price that’s the easiest to get into your home.

Just call me a coffee philanthropist.

But wait! I’ve got another gift for you…

One lucky reader will win a 3 month supply of International Delight Iced Coffee. Don’t worry, a truck won’t pull up in your driveway to fill up your fridge with half-gallons. Better yet, we’ll send you enough coupons for you to pick your favorite flavor every week for 12 weeks.

UPDATE: Congratulations to Yamilet C.- winner of the 3 month supply of International Delight Iced Coffee!
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Good Luck! I can’t wait to hear how you use your 3 month supply of International Delight Iced Coffee to carry you through into summer 😉

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Rachel Zook March 13, 2013 - 10:50 pm

I love there ice coffee and look forward to trying the light. It really helps when the kids energy outlast mine!

Rachel Zook March 13, 2013 - 10:49 pm

I love this coffee and cant wait to try the light version. It helps me on those days the kids outlast mom!

Francine S March 13, 2013 - 10:43 pm

Mocha flavored!

Tiffany March 13, 2013 - 10:36 pm


Shannon March 13, 2013 - 10:32 pm

I would love to try the Mocha! I have seen these in the stores but haven’t tried & am going to have to now!

Arlene @FlourOnMyFace March 13, 2013 - 9:51 pm

Hi Sami

I love the new light Mocha. It tastes so good! Thanks for linking to my #IDCoffeeDay party post!

MeghanTucker March 13, 2013 - 9:34 pm

With 3 boys, I definitely could use this!

kysbel samaniego March 13, 2013 - 3:11 pm

definitely vanilla!

Tabathia B March 12, 2013 - 5:34 pm

the mocha

yamie cubias March 12, 2013 - 3:56 pm

Vanilla and I’d add caramel and whip topping.

Lauren March 12, 2013 - 3:08 pm

I most want to try the mocha!

kimmie March 12, 2013 - 2:45 pm

Vanilla for sure. LOVE!!!!

Patricia March 12, 2013 - 1:20 pm

Love love mocha!!

Deneen Thomas March 12, 2013 - 1:18 pm

I am addicted to the Mocha flavor. Having it in a Light style helps me fulfill that craving and keeping my waist in check!

jnormanlawn March 12, 2013 - 1:18 pm

i love your iced coffe ,this is a great prize : )

Gene Y. March 12, 2013 - 1:17 pm

Sweet offer and great product!

karen bondehagen March 12, 2013 - 1:16 pm


Hockey Mum March 10, 2013 - 8:23 am

I have tried both the vanilla and the mocha. Both are very good. So I have already tried both and like both of them.

Vicki S March 9, 2013 - 2:02 pm

Mocha sounds great!

Kristy Walker Thomason March 9, 2013 - 11:49 am

I’m definitely excited about the Mocha!! YUM!

JR March 8, 2013 - 7:18 am

I can use some right now, I don;t like black coffee!

beatriz March 7, 2013 - 9:54 pm

vanilla 🙂

Austin Baroudi March 7, 2013 - 4:17 pm

The vanilla sounds nice!

Kristina March 7, 2013 - 1:35 pm

I do enjoy a mocha!

Kristina March 7, 2013 - 1:32 pm

Well, with 4 kids, I’d have to have a glass per child! 2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon! Cheers!

Elis B. March 7, 2013 - 12:20 pm


Adrienne March 7, 2013 - 8:26 am


Renee @BendifulBlog March 7, 2013 - 7:31 am

I would use mine 3 month supply to fight off the sleepiness of children being up wayyy past their school bedtimes 😉

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