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Childrens Place Coupon Code April 2015

There is a Childrens Place coupon code for April 2015 and it is take an extra 25% off your purchase with the code 25PLACE2 online or Y14903 in stores.  This deal is good in stores and goes through April 12th.  Head to ChildrensPlace.com to start saving!

Childrens Place Coupon Code April 2015

Plus, if you have a Place credit card you can receive an extra 5% off with EVERY purchase!

Is the deal above expired? Find the latest Children’s Place coupon codes on the banner below

If you sign up for EBates you can also get 2.5% cash back on all your Children’s Place purchases.

Childrens Place Coupon Code Details

Where to shop: ChildrensPlace.com
Code to use: 25PLACE2/Y14903
What you’ll save: extra 25% off
When to buy: now through April 12, 2015

Coupons procured by Savings.com

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