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Win Robin Good – the latest VeggieTales DVD masterpiece!

veggietales-robin-good-dvdYou’ve been waiting for it, and now it’s finally here – you can win Robin Good, the latest VeggieTales masterpiece…even though it doesn’t release to stores until March 3 😉

I actually got a sneak peak of Robin Good and His Not-So-Merry Men (or at least the cover of it) when I got to be part of a VeggieTales focus group last year. Ever since, I’ve been anxiously awaiting this story where the lesson is on something so important, especially in the stage I’m in with my young school-age children: handling hurt. It’s just another reason why I appreciate VeggieTales – they heard from moms that this was a top lesson they wanted to see VeggieTales address for their kids…and boy did they listen!

A little info about the show:
There’s no hurt too big for God! Robin Good has a mission – fundraising from the rich and giving to the poor! But when a greedy Prince starts stealing the townspeople’s hams, donations are down and Robin’s band of friends desert him to give robbing a try. Can Robin overcome his hurt, show his friends what’s right and restore the townspeople’s hope?

The DVD also features:
An adorable short video starring Junior Asparagus: “Lenny and the Lost Birthday”. Plays at the start of the show before the main feature.

A digital short that is both hilarious and educational, teaching kids about what a Leap Year means: “Larry’s Leapin’ Leap Year”. Watch it on the DVD and also here: http://www.veggietales.com/robingood

Plus check out the amazing guide they created:
robin-good-guideOne of you can win the DVD before you can even buy it in stores! Just enter via Rafflecopter below:

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  1. My tween who is on the autism spectrum has been talking about this DVD. She’s seen the trailers. I would love to win! 🙂 Pick me! Pick me!

  2. Teaching our kids about hurt is important because all of us have the potential to hurt others and all of us feel hurt. The perspective taking part of understanding how others feel can affect our behavior, allowing us to choose an action that would help rather than hurt.

  3. I believe the message of hurt is important to teach our children because we live in such a broken world that they will ultimately face hurt by their friends, siblings, etc. It is important to help them identity that being hurt happens and it is okay to express our sadness, frustration, etc. But, making sure they know that God loves them and he is here to protect us is also important .

  4. Because it is a part of life that no one is exempt from but so we all must learn how to understand and cope with it.

  5. Because everyone hurts sometimes, and they need to know that they can be honest with God about it and He understands and cares.

  6. nice and true