VeggieTales: my Saturday Blissdom Sponsor

by Sami

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VeggieTales Official Store - Over 500 Veggie Gifts

It’s time for VeggieTales….my Saturday Blissdom Sponsor!

Today I’d like to tell you about a group near and dear to my heart – partially because I’ve been such a fan of their products for SO long (way before I was ever even married or had kids to share their product with) and partially because I love the people behind the product.

I’ve mentioned before how my mom was my gateway to VeggieTales – and not because I was a small child when they first came out, but because she became addicted to their Biblical messages being communicated in a clever way and shared them with me as a twenty-something. (I also think the Silly Songs had something to do with it to, but don’t tell her I said that…)

Ever since, they’ve been sharing that same silliness that is so infectious with adults and kids alike, while creating quality animated products (and so much more) that teach our kids that they’re special and God loves them….VERY MUCH!

They also recognize the value of us as parents; they listen to us and more importantly, they act on what we say.

Speaking of listening to what we ask, I asked for a discount for all my Blissdom friends and blog readers, and they listened! The code is BLISSDOM2012 for 20% off and it expires April 1.


You’ll also make sure you enter my VeggieTales giveaway for their latest title (not even available for purchase yet!), Robin Good and His Not-So-Merry Men.

Make sure you follow VeggieTales on Twitter and like their Facebook page for all the latest on their products, live tour and kid tips!


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sarha gensel February 25, 2012 - 7:14 pm

Uh oh my neice read this give away with me and is so excited ones again! So i told her i will enter in for her!! Thank u for making my niece a happy little girl reading this post.

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