You Dared Me To Do It…

by Sami

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You dared me to do it, so I did…

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The first time I went on the FlowRider at SoundWaves Nashville, I took a poll on IG stories asking if you thought I should belly surf or stand up. Most of you said I should stand (probably because you wanted to see the slow-mo video of me wiping out…not a chance!)

As you know as my friends, it took me awhile to work up the guts to share my surfing photo with you. But when I did, boy did you guys show up! You encouraged me and reaffirmed that we should never let what anyone thinks of us hold us back from living our best life!

That being said, I totally wiped out the first time (probably about a second after my ’teacher’ let go of my hand).

My FlowRider Second Attempt

Fast forward to the SoundWaves official Grand Opening celebration I attended a few weeks ago. I thought there was no way in you know where that I’d ever stand up on that board again. I started by stomach surfing, then managed to get up to my knees and even let go of my hands!

I’ll admit, I was pretty proud of myself. But I had a good teacher that day, and he wasn’t about to let me stay in my comfort zone.

Sure, we can have fun looking at the ocean, but it’s not the same rush as playing in the waves, right?

So with the help of professional FlowRider Jon Reese, I decided to give it a second chance (this time with a different lead leg and a different Cupshe swimsuit on ?).

And guess what happened? I never wiped out AND I was able to let go of his hand!

A Little Help From Our Friends

Sure, I could have cropped Jon out of the picture to make it look like I really knew what I was doing. But truth be told, there’s NO WAY I could have made it from one end of the FlowRider to the other without falling if it wasn’t for his skill, guidance and continual tips.

Why do we so often pretend like we’ve got this life figured out on our own? We were made for relationships and community. Instead of trying to act like we have it all together, let’s be free to admit when we need help. And, perhaps even more importantly, be there to cheer each other on and offer help to those in need when we can.

So on this Travel Tuesday, I encourage you to dream of your next adventure and how you’ll tackle your dreams differently. Go ahead; I dare you 🙂

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