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Candy Coupons

“Do you have coupons for candy? Do we get to buy some?”

I just received my coupons for free chocolate from the Mars “Real Chocolate Relief Act” promotion (click here to find out how to get yours!), and Britton saw me clipping them when he said the above quote.

Is it sad that my kids know we only get sweets when we have a coupon?


  1. Your family sounds really cute! I found your Frugal site and check there daily. Now I’ll book mark this one too! Check me out sometime. I don’t have kids so there aren’t any cute kid stories! But I have a husband… and a dog. So, it’s comperable!

  2. Chelsea, I’m so glad you stopped by! Thanks for the kind words. Sorry about the Fashion Show and the blisters. Stay tuned for Saturday’s Shopping Steals and hopefully that will help you more than what you saw in KC!