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Cone Meal Plan: 5/3


With everything that happened in Nashville this past weekend, I just grateful that I can actually bring you a meal plan and that we have electricity to cook!

Many in our little part of West Nashville here (Bellevue, to be specific) are still stranded in their neighborhoods and without power. So please continue to pray that the waters recede today enough for everyone to finally drive on out.

To be completely honest, some of our best neighborhood memories from Florida were immediately after the hurricanes when we had no power and our entire street brought everything we had into a community pile and cooked up some good meals. Grills were lined up in the middle of the street and we feasted on everything from potatoes & onions to BBQ Chicken and Flank Steak. My husband even managed to make coffee for the neighborhood with a pot on the grill!

We were supposed to be leaving for vacation on Thursday of this week, but because of the devastation to Gaylord Opryland (click the link to watch the video), we most likely wont be heading out until Sunday (more on that later). Because of that, I won’t be posting a meal plan for next week, but you can check out all my past meal plans to get some ideas to create your own.

MondayOatmeal with raisins & honeyRice cakes with PB&JCone Chili
TuesdayCereal & KiwiHam & Cheese Roll upsOven Fried Chicken over rice
WednesdayFruit OatmealEgg Salad on crackersEggplant Rollatini
ThursdayEggs & GritsPita with hummusHoney Chicken, green beans, rice
FridayCerealSandwichesBeef & Bean burritos with guacamole
SaturdayEggs & ToastleftoversBacon & Feta Stuffed Chicken
SundayVacation! Grab what you can!vacationvacation