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Delivery Man Trailer Exclusive Debut

delivery man movie trailer

Have you heard of the new #DeliveryManMovie debuting in theaters November 22, 2013?

Well, I’m proud to announce that 533 bloggers were selected to host a Delivery Man Trailer Exclusive Debut…and I was one of them!

So for those of you who simply can’t wait until fall to see what this ‘unconventional’ family movie is all about, you can now check out the Delivery Man trailer here:

I’ve never been a fan of Vince Vaughn, so I have to admit I was skeptical (alright, VERY skeptical). But when I finally sucked up my pride and pre-conceived bias to watch the preview and found myself not only laughing out loud…twice…but also found my heart touched within these brief two minutes.

I think we all could use our own guardian angels, don’t you?

Obviously, this doesn’t look like your standard family film. So I’m curious, what’s your opinion on it – Do you plan on seeing this one in the theater?