Disney’s Prep & Landing now on DVD for Christmas!

by Sami

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I normally review movies first hand, but I just haven’t had time to watch the latest Disney Christmas DVD to be released, “Prep and Landing“, so I let my kids watch it by themselves on the first day of their Thanksgiving break.

“IT was awesome – no wait, it was funny…it was cool,” from my 5 year old son as he came running up the stairs asking to watch it again.

Just to be fair, he did have a critique: “I didn’t like it that much because it was short – I like really long movies and thought it would be really long. It didn’t tell you about Christmas that much, just elves.”

I too was surprised by how short it was (22 minutes), but the DVD does include a lot of great bonus features to extend the entertainment value.

My 7 year old daughter also wanted to chime in with her thoughts:
“Well, the elves were really cute. It was funny. They were trying to get this boy some presents and it said that Santa was going to save the house because they were saying that Santa wasn’t going to give any presents to him, but they did.” PHEW.

I also received an emphatic nod from my 7 year old when asked if she would watch it again. Both agreed they wouldn’t want the movie as their only gift, but would like it “in my stocking” and would like little elf dolls to go along with it. “They’re so cute and tiny!”

When asked what ages they thought would enjoy the movie most, she said, “people 1-8 would probably like it, maybe even 9 and 10 year olds wouldn’t like it that much: they would watch it, but wouldn’t want to watch it again.”

So there you have it, a Prep and Landing review from the mouths of babes. A cute movie great for the stocking, but don’t try to get away with not having anything else under the tree this Christmas!

Check out this clip:

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