Disney Value Season: Disney Deals Day 1

by Sami

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Disney Value Season: Disney Deals Day 1

It’s Day 1 in my 31 Days of Disney Deals and I want to share one of the most basic of all rules to follow when it comes to booking a Disney vacation: Know when to travel!

If you want to truly maximize your Disney dollars, travel during Disney Value Season!

Typically, you’ll find FOUR ‘seasons’ in Disney booking lingo (Listed in order from cheapest to most expensive):

These ‘seasons’ vary amongst the different resorts as well as from year to year, but generally it’s safe to say that the best times to travel to Disney are just after the New Year (the week after New Year through the second week of February) & September.

Not only will you save a significant percentage on your hotel room during these dates, you’ll typically find special offers such as the Free Disney Dining Plan offer (that usually comes around every September).

The downside to be aware of when it comes to traveling during value season is the weather. Believe it or not, Central Florida can drop down into the 30’s in January, which not only means miserably cold kids, but it also means all the Disney Pools (one of our favorite Disney Freebies) and Disney Waterparks are shut down.

September is not only peak hurricane season in Florida, you can also almost guarantee there will be a massive thunderstorm every afternoon sometime between 2-5pm. They typically don’t last long, but it has the potential for drowning out your day.

Obviously, these are value seasons because not only do they follow the highest volume holidays (Christmas & Summer), but it’s typically just after all the kids have returned to school. Being the parent of two elementary school students, I have no  problem at this point taking my kids out of school for a few days in order to save hundreds or thousands of dollars on my Disney vacation.

You’ll also have to be aware of special events during these time frames, like the Disney Marathon (in January) and Night of Joy (after Labor Day weekend), that can bring big crowds and blackout dates with them.

So, the recap for those of you who like bullet points 😉

Daily Disney Deal #1

Deal: Travel during Value Season
Pro: Significant hotel savings and minimal crowds/lines
Con: Worst weather of the year

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