Favorite Amazon Finds

by Sami

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Every week, I’ll curate my favorite Amazon finds and Amazon deals for you. In a time where online shopping has become a staple for so many households, it’s important to spend your money wisely instead of being click happy.

That being said, these are all items I’ve either ordered recently or have on my wish list. And with different ways to earn Amazon gift cards, from affiliate programs to donating blood, Amazon dollars seem to be more plentiful today than ever before.

Favorite Amazon Finds

Student Academic Planner

I spent a lot of time last year researching a student planner for my (then) middle and high school students. I wanted something where they could easily see what was due for each class and not just have a big box for everything. I also searched for a calendar where they could keep track of their other obligations and commitments in a separate space.

This brand was already sold out when I started looking before, so I’m THRILLED it’s back in stock for the 2020-21 school year. It comes in three different cover colors and isn’t too frilly, just practical.

Buy the 2020-21 Student Academic Planner

Gravity Inversion Table

Friends, I cannot tell you how long I have been wanting a gravity inversion table. Hear me out.

As a former tennis pro who suffered a career-ending back injury, I am in constant back pain. I’m not a doctor or trying to make any medical claims, but I’ve heard from many practitioners that inversion is helpful for so many reasons.

After getting a gift card for my birthday from a dear friend and her small group, I decided to get something just for me instead of spending it on my kids like I normally would. I’ve only had for a couple of days, but I’ve already noticed a difference.

Buy the Innova Heavy Duty Inversion Table

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

I’ve had blue light blocking glasses since last summer, but recently my kids got on the kick as well. I wasn’t about to spend a bunch of money on glasses they might lose or, more likely, not wear, so this option was perfect.

This price is for TWO glasses: black and clear. They are a classic style frame that looks equally good on men and women (aka my kids can wear them interchangeably). Again, we just got these, so I cannot attest to the durability, but you can’t beat the price.

Buy the Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Backpack with USB Charging Port

I can’t take credit for this Amazon find; this is all my son. As he is starting high school this year, he wanted a sleeker backpack. But he also wanted a way to charge his devices since he needs an iPad for school.

This sleek bag is truly Unisex and has tons of pockets. He also found this charcoal lunchbox from a different manufacturer that coordinates so well! One thing we did notice: the backpack comes with the USB port, but not a battery pack, so you have to supply that. (Thankfully, we had a bunch of those on hands I’d received from conferences over the years).

Buy the USB Charging Port Backpack

Chunky Heel Ankle Boots

I found the perfect pair of black chunky heel ankle boots at Nordstrom Rack a couple years ago. Unfortunately, after doing what I could with a Sharpie for the past couple seasons, I finally had to let them go.

I’ve been on the search for a replacement pair ever since and FINALLY found these beautiful synthetic leather booties. I didn’t want to wait until winter because I KNEW they would sell out. They also come in several other colors, including brown, wine and snakeskin. (Yes, I may be getting another pair before you know it).

Buy these Chunky Ankle Boots

Ever since I first told you about my favorite lip oil I found on Amazon, I always get friends asking about unique Amazon finds, so I hope you’ve found my research helpful!

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