Harris Teeter Super Doubles Coupons October 2014

by Sami

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Harris Teeter Super Doubles coupons: October 15-21, 2014!!

I ‘m glad there’s another Harris Teeter super doubles coupon event already. I miss not living just down the street from Harris Teeter…and so does my pantry 😉

I would verify that your local store is participating in the Super Doubles Coupon event before you gather your coupons and head over. Just make sure you don’t get swept up into buying something you wouldn’t normally get just because it’s cheap and then cluttering up your pantry and kitchen! Stick to the best deals for things you know you’re going to use or donate.

Here is a video showing how I shop during these Harris Teeter mega coupon events (even thought the video was during a Triple coupon event, not Super Doubles, the same principles apply):

Remember the rules of Harris Teeter Super Doubles Coupon Days:

*You must be a VIC member (sign up for free online or at customer service)
*You’re limited to 20 coupons PER DAY
*There is a limit of 3 coupons per like item (hopefully that means there will be more left for all of us to share!)
*Coupons with up to a $2.00 face value will be doubled (This is NEW! It used to be up to $1.98!)

The Coupon Mom has a list of coupon match-ups, but I’ll also let you know if I find any great deals to share too. It looks like there are about a dozen free items, but make sure to let me know below if you see any of your own.

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