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How to Organize Your Linen Closet

In my continuing saga to develop my inner Martha, I tackled the linen closet today (no, that’s not a picture of mine above – it’s Martha’s, of course. Because I’m not Martha, I only had time to do fold/organize my sheets, let alone refold every towel, label the shelves, take a picture AND upload it for  you! Alas, all in due time).

I’ve always had a fear of folding sheets. I’ve almost got flat sheets down, but I’ve never been able to figure out the fitted ones, much less get them to be the same size as the flat sheet I just folded. However, leave it to Martha to give us step by step instructions on how to do exactly that.

So off I went to fold and refold sheets. Of course, I was motivated by the sick boys in the house and the need to strip and wash the sheets anyway – so why not give the closet a fresh start! Though it took me a few tries, I eventually got everything matched up. The other tip I loved in her post on “Organizing a Linen Closet” was to store all the linens from one bed in one of its pillow cases. Not only does it look tidy in the closet, but it’s much easier when it comes time to actually using them (or are you just supposed to keep them all in there once it looks that pretty? I haven’t figured that part out yet).

So anyway, that was my little project for this afternoon. I’m far from meeting Martha’s standards yet (heck, I’m not even halfway to where my husband is at!), but keep the faith – I’ll get there yet!

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