How to Start Saving for Summer

by brenna

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On my latest Talk of the Town appearance, I shared practical tips for how to start saving for summer.

Let’s face it, summer only truly lasts about two months: June & July. This means that if you want to have family fun in these two summer months, you need to start saving and planning beforehand (aka May).

The original Talk of the Town segment aired on May 16, 2017, so whether you watched the show and missed any of the details or weren’t able to watch it, I have the details for you here:

How to Start Saving for Summer

How to Start Saving for Summer

* Shopping: Take advantage of our outlet malls and online deals for last season colors and spring clothes on clearance that will see you through summer. You can also sign up for Rewards programs (like Spring Rewards at Opry Mills & Green Hills to make your dollar stretch further) AND you can combine the savings!
* Entertainment: Free Summer Movies, Summer festivals, street concerts, matinees for performances of all sorts, swap babysitting with friends & neighbors, have a progressive dinner on your street.  Make the library your friend and rent movies for free, you can invite friends over and make it a movie night!
* Dining: Eat out, but take it outside; only eat treats during specials (Starbucks treat receipt, Sonic half-price milkshakes after 8, etc), only pay to eat out what you can’t make at home
* Earn more: Put your kids to work, hire neighborhood kids to do household tasks so you can be more productive in your work.  Start selling your trade on Fiverr and your goods on Etsy to make some extra cash.

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