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Jackie Kendall’s Best Advice

sami-Jackie-Kendall-bannerLast week, my ‘spiritual mama’ & mentor, Jackie Kendall, came to Nashville to speak at Moms Together at Fellowship Bible Church.

Not only was I SO happy to just be around her again, but I love her fresh insights on motherhood, faith and daily disciplines.

However, what stuck out most (according to everyone sitting around me) during her talk on “Perspective” was her encouragement to do the “Daily 7“.

She said no matter what, set aside seven minutes each day to read your Bible. And the timing or the location doesn’t have to be ideal either. In fact, she warns, that if you wait for the ‘ideal’ to have your devotions, it most likely will never happen!

This may mean reading while the kids are playing at your feet, while you’re waiting in traffic (preferably not while driving!), or when you’re sitting in the doctor’s office.

Daily discipline starts with small decisions, so don’t let anything stand in your way of getting time alone with God today!

If you want to hear more of what Jackie has to say, check out a few of my favorite books of her in my Amazon widget to the right on my sidebar. Co-author of the life-changing book “Lady in Waiting”, Jackie has since written several equally insightful books, including her latest on forgiveness entitled “Free Yourself to Love”.