Kevin Mawae Testimony

by Sami

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When I heard our pastor tell us that we were going to watch a tape of an ex-NFL player’s personal testimony for our message today, I chuckled to myself. I figured they just wanted to phone in the Thanksgiving Sunday service because everyone was too stuffed or tired at the end of this holiday weekend to get up and preach.

Boy was I wrong.


Kevin Mawae (courtesy of Wikipedia)

Kevin Mawae just retired from the Tennessee Titans this year and now attends Crosspoint Church and coaches at Vanderbilt University. Though I never reached the level of professional sports that Kevin did, I related to him on so many levels, especially as an athlete and someone who did not grow up in the church.

I recently came across a quote from Oscar Wilde that truly summed up why I blog:
The only thing to do with good advice is to pass it on. it is never of any use to oneself.”
I didn’t plan on taking notes, but found myself continuing to write quote after quote. I thought he said too many good things to keep to myself, so I wanted to share them with you in hopes that it might encourage you wherever you may find yourself on this journey of life today:

(Everything below taken from Kevin Mawae’s testimony given via video at Crosspoint Church on 11/28/10)

Joy is a lifestyle.
You have to ask yourself, “What’s important, where are your priorities & what defines you?”

When asked about how he was able to retire from the NFL with such piece:
At the end of the day, guys who can’t walk away (from the NFL) are afraid of what’s ahead or don’t know how they are…I know who I am – I know my identity & what defines me.

Understanding Your PurposeGod has a purpose for everybody.
Kevin was told by the pastor who married him after his brother was killed in a car crash: “You don’t lack the knowledge of who Christ is, you lack the knowledge of what he can do in your life.”

Share Your Story
God can change the lives of thousands through one person.

Everyone thinks you gotta get good before you get Christ, but the reality is you can’t get good without him.
If I was perfect, Christ wouldn’t have needed to die. God doesn’t expect perfection; He expects forgiveness. He wants you to bring whatever you have to Him.

When asked about being a godly husband:
*Get in the Word – critical for being a servant leader
—you can’t be a godly spouse without knowing who God is!
*Be accountable

When asked how his life changed once he accepted Christ in the mid-’90s:
A 180 degree turn doesn’t happen overnight just because you accept Christ.
-It’s not like a Ferrari that turns on a dime. It’s more like a cruise liner that takes three miles to turn.
God doesn’t want you do it on your own; He’ll make that turn for you.

At the end of the day, it’s about leaving a legacy.

Thanks, Kevin, for sharing your testimony so transparently today! I love the life-changing power of a single person’s story!

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