Kids Car Booster Seat Law

by Sami

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As a mom of two young kids, I was shocked to learn about what the real car booster seat law was as well as the standards that should be in effect that aren’t.

Car seats and booster seats are a daily part of our lives as parents, but do you really know how a booster seat should fit? When a child should move from a car seat to a booster seat? What booster seats are safer than others?

Thanks to the Today Show, many of these questions were answered for me recently.

If your child is 4’9” / 80 pounds and under, then they should be in a booster seat. The seat belt should lay flat across their thighs, not their stomach. You also need to make sure the seat belt is not hitting their neck and sits comfortable across their chest and shoulder.

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You can also watch the entire Today Show video, “Are your kids safe in their booster seats”, below:

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