Kids Halloween Costumes – Family Foto Flashback

by Sami

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With my mom visiting this week, I’ve been helping her on our old desktop computer. Low and behold, I found a few of our old fall photos and kids Halloween costumes. Someone laughed this weekend when I told them I dressed my son up in a beaver costume when he was a baby, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity for me to start a Family Foto Flashback post!


Seriously, I couldn’t have found a beaver costume if I had been looking for it. It just so happened that is was the only costume left that was the right size and the right price when I decided to dress my kids up.

See, four years ago when I took this pick, we were still undecided on how we would celebrate Halloween. We weren’t originally going to let our kids dress up because of this, but we had promised my daughter she could wear a Cinderella dress the first time she used the potty. Guess what day she did it?

Needless to say, the pickin’s are slim when you look for a Halloween costume on Halloween day. The funnier part about this was that because we lived in Florida at the time, it was too hot for him to even wear the costume outside!

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