Nashville Groupon Deal: 50% off at The Body Shop

by Sami

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Find Today’s Daily Deal on the Best in Nashville!

Today’s Groupon deal for Monday, October 25, is 50% off at The Body Shop! Yes, get a $40 certificate at The Body Shop for only $20! Sorry to be getting this to you so late in the day, but try to take advantage of it if you’re still awake. There are a limited number left, but you are able to buy TWO per person if they have enough in stock.

Groupon offers some of the best deals a city has to offer at 50% off when a certain number of people join in. Even if you don’t live in Nashville, there’s most likely a Groupon in your city!

Daily deals on the city’s best stuff only from Groupon. Restaurants, spas, events & more, 50%-90% off!

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