Lady & the Tramp Diamond Edition holds a Surprise…

by Sami

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Lady & the Tramp was the one VHS tape I’d held onto from my childhood…and I’m not talking the Disney VHS in the big plastic case. No, we’re talking a blank tape that my parents used to tape it off of tv one night (shhhh….don’t get them in trouble! No-one knew better in the 70’s 😉

So when I found out Lady & the Tramp was being re-released in a special Diamond Blu-Ray edition, I jumped at the chance to update our family collection.

Our kids’ latest fascination after watching a movie on family fun night is to watch the bonus features. I must admit, I’ve never been one for sticking around after the credits, but they have fun with it, so we indulge them a bit.

What I didn’t expect was to find the sweet history and memories shared by Walt Disney’s daughter! She took us on a tour of when Disneyland opened, where their secret apartment was, what it was like to ride with her dad in the parades and so much more. Not only was I amazed at how much I didn’t know, but I found myself in tears hearing more about the creative genius and family commitment of this amazing man.

So when you pick up this Disney classic, don’t just make time to watch the movie that you already know and love, but save time at the end to learn even more about the man and the family behind this magical brand!

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