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Lilla Girls Hair Clips Giveaway

UPDATE: Congratulations to Julie (True Random Number Generator 1)! Can’t wait to see which clip you pick!

Aren’t these Lilla Hair Clips just the cutest you’ve ever seen???

Ok, so I’m a bit biased. One of my best friends from high school (and one of the few people I’ve managed to keep up with since high school) married this fabulous lady who then started this fabulous business with one of her friends…did you get all that?

Ever since I’ve been receiving the Applequist’s creative, homemade cards every Christmas, I’ve been telling Scott he needs to convince Lisa to start her own business. What I didn’t realize was that she was talented beyond her paper skills. Lilla (which is Swedish for “little”) is committed to designing unique, hand-crafted hair accessories that bring laughter and life to little girls.

One of the things most I love about Lilla is that part of every purchase is donated to help send Congolese girls to school; so not only are you helping bring joy to your own little girl, you’re multiplying your reach and effect around the world.

Now you can own a set a favorite little girl in your life – for FREE! Just choose any means below to enter our Lilla Hair Clip giveaway (you may post a comment for each of the types of entry below):

  1. Post a comment below with which Lilla hair clip you’d like (the winner gets to choose their favorite!)
  2. Become a Fan on Facebook (Sami Cone)
  3. Follow @TheSamiCone on Twitter (or let me know you’re already following me!)

I can’t wait to get my Lilla! I know each of you will enjoy these clips (and their creators!) as much as I do!!! Be sure to check out their website, www.lillahairclips.com, to pick out your favorite Lilla Hair Clip for when you win 😉


  1. I was just tweeting that i need new clips for Little. Love all the Lilla clippies! Thanks so much for linking to them. Don’t know how i’d pick 1 pair?! Maybe the Blue and Red Flowers, but so many others I like!

  2. i follow you on twitter… of course!

  3. Those are so cute! If only I could get Anna to leave stuff in her hair…
    PS–already follow you on Twitter, but I will RT!

  4. These are so cute. My daughter would love to have the Monet flowers, pink & orange hearts or pink bow; all because they have pink, her most favorite color. Thanks-

  5. These clips are adorable! I love the ones with a single flower; it’s hard to choose a favorite color!!

  6. Loving the Half Moon Flowers clips!!!

  7. Congratulations Julie! (True Random Number Generator Result: 1) Enjoy your Lilla clip!