May We All the Musical Honest Review: Nashville Debut at TPAC

by Sami

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This is my honest review of May We All the Musical after attending the Nashville debut performance at TPAC on June 7, 2022. “MAY WE ALL” is a new country musical featuring songs by Florida Georgia Line, as well as many of your favorite country artists. Keep reading to see if this new Nashville musical is worth your time and money.

Honest May We All the Musical Review

Watch my full review of “May We All”:

If you want the quickest review possible, May We All was a fun night out worth the ticket price.

May We All is country music’s version of Mamma Mia meets Sweet Home Alabama”

~ SamI cone

One thing I loved about May We All is that it reminded me of what I love about the Grand Ole Opry. Even if you don’t love country music, it gives you a wide variety of so many country music styles.

Thoughts about the Original Cast

Musically, the show was strong. The performers were diverse and entertaining. We thought one of the supporting actresses, Lolo who played “Liz”, had one of the strongest voices of the entire cast.

The lead had a good voice, although a bit more musical theater than country. In fact, she reminded me at first of Kristen Chenowith. Later, I realized she looked and sounded a bit more like Dove Cameron.

The male lead didn’t stand out to us until he performed “Jolene” in Act 2, which blew the entire audience away. I get chills thinking about it even now.

My favorite character had to be Wilbur. He reminded us of “Mater” from Cars. He was every mixed-up pun rolled into one character that never ceased to draw a laugh.

Real Crowd Response to the Show

Everyone leaving the theater had high spirits and seemed to be in a good mood, especially after the finale number. These are just a few quotes I overheard from attendees after the show:

“That was really good.”
“I’d see that again.”
“I wish I could move the way they were moving!”
“It was so fun.”

I even talked to one couple who came all the way from Georgia just for opening night. She was a huge Florida Georgia Line fan, so her husband bought her the tickets. She said, “It was worth totally worth the trip. I cried several times. It was fantastic!” (I think it also helped that she saw Brian Kelley from FGL during the intermission).

Country Songs in May We All the Musical

According to the creators, “May We All is set in Harmony, Tennessee – “The Town That Sings” – and tells the story of Jenna Coates, a small-town girl whose big-city singing career is over before it even begins.”

May We All includes songs by some of your favorite country artists, including Florida Georgia Line, Kenny Chesney, Miranda Lambert, Dolly Parton, Chris Stapleton, Kacey Musgraves, Keith Urban and many more.

These are the songs you’ll hear in Act 1:

  • BORN TO FLY (Sara Evans)
  • WHO SAYS YOU CAN’T GO HOME (Bon Jovi, Jennifer Nettles)
  • UNBELIEVABLE (Diamond Rio)
  • AMERICAN KIDS (Kenny Chesney)
  • CAN’T GO BACK (Little Big Town)
  • REVIVAL (Original)
  • BROKEN HALOS (Chris Stapleton)
  • RAINBOW (Kacey Musgraves)
  • MAY WE ALL (Florida Georgia Line)

Songs from Act 2:

  • ACHY BREAKY HEART (Billy Ray Cyrus)
  • SIMPLE (Florida Georgia Line)
  • MEANT TO BE (Florida Georgia Line)
  • WE WERE RICH (Runaway June)
  • SAME BOAT (Zac Brown Band)
  • WIDE OPEN SPACES (The Chicks)
  • I’VE BEEN EVERYWHERE (Johnny Cash)
  • YOU’RE THE REASON OUR KIDS ARE UGLY (Loretta Lynn, Conway Twitty)
  • MAN OF CONSTANT SORROW (Soggy Bottom Boys)
  • JOLENE (Dolly Parton)
  • ONE MAN BAND (Old Dominion)
  • WE WERE US (Keith Urban)
  • WHO I AM (Jessica Andrews)
  • BACK TO MY BOOTS (Original) – performed by “Bailey Stone” (aka the visiting country artist/group)

You may notice there are two original songs co-written by FGL’s Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard featured in the score.

Guest Artist Schedule: Country Artists Performing in May We All

Keep in mind that while you’ll hear some of your favorite country songs, they are not performed by the original artists. That being said, a number of talented country artists will perform on any given night.

In the second to last song of the second act, we meet a fictional country star named “Bailey Stone”. Depending on the night, this “country star” will be played by a male or female country artist. It may even be played by a duo or group, like it was on opening night (by LOCASH).

Much like the aforementioned Opry, country stars will rotate through during the Nashville run at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center.

Here is the list of performers as it stands currently:

  • June 7 LOCASH
  • June 8 BRELAND
  • June 9 Angie K
  • June 10 Robyn Ottolini
  • June 11 Thomas Mac
  • June 11 Alana Springsteen
  • June 12 Caleb Lee Hutchinson
  • June 12 Alexandra Kay
  • June 14 Lainey Wilson
  • June 15 Brian Kelley
  • June 16 Danielle Bradbery
  • June 17 Sydney Sierota
  • June 18 Scarlett Burke
  • June 19 Kaylee Rose & Jamie O’Neal
  • June 21 Trent Harmon
  • June 22 Lindsay Ell
  • June 23 Tigirlily
  • June 24 RaeLynn
  • June 25 Canaan Smith
  • June 26 Michael Ray
  • June 28 Twinnie
  • July 15 Taylor Hicks

May We All TPAC Dates

May We All’s debut will run from June 7 – July 17, 2022 at TPAC. You can get tickets online through the TPAC box office. Ticket prices start at $30.

The Show is at TPAC in Nashville, NOT the Factory in Franklin

Don’t let the musical’s promo posters confuse you. This musical can only be seen in the James K. Polk Theater at TPAC in downtown Nashville.

The Polk Theater is smaller than the “main” theater at TPAC, Andrew Jackson Hall. With that, there truly isn’t a bad seat in the house.

The fictitious water tower from Harmony, TN on the poster resembles the exterior of the iconic Factory in Franklin, TN. So in my mind, I kept thinking it was being performed in their theater. Don’t make the same mistake I did 😉

Keep in mind that masks are required for guests seated in Orchestra rows AA-DD due to their proximity to the stage.

The Story of May We All

The lead character returns to the people and the places of her past to find inspiration to help find her path to the future. But going home is never easy. A lot has changed in Harmony since Jenna left, and not necessarily for the better.

If Jenna and Harmony are going to dig themselves out of their current crises, they’re going to need each other. And they’re going to need get back to their roots…with the help of everyone’s favorite country music of course.

May We All Lively is a McCabe Entertainment and CuzBro Productions – the production company founded by Brian Kelley of the multi-platinum duo Florida Georgia Line.

Broadway at TPAC

The Tennessee Performing Arts Center is our favorite spot to see Broadway shows in Nashville. Don’t confuse NYC’s Broadway shows with Nashville’s lower Broadway, where you’ll find our famous honky tonks!

Nashville’s music scene is iconic in its own right. To be honest, many of the country music stars featured in “May We All” got their start at the live music venues on Broadway downtown. And of course, the iconic Ryman Auditorium is situated just off of Broadway behind Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge.

TPAC is actually located not too far from Broadway. We actually enjoy eating at 5th + Broadway‘s Assembly Food Hall before a show and then walking over to TPAC.

As a final note, my husband commented that May We All was what he had hoped the Oklahoma revival would have been.

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Megb June 24, 2022 - 10:39 am

Is the show family friendly (e.g., appropriate for 10-12 year olds)? Appreciate your detailed review!

Sami June 27, 2022 - 1:03 pm

Yes! I would say it definitely is family-friendly for tweens. There are relationship storylines, but nothing inappropriate or explicit. If anything, the underlying “lesson” is a good one for families to learn (about coming together as a family, being true to your roots/where you came from, etc).
Hope that helps!

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