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by Sami

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in partnership with MDsave to educate everyone in your family about finding the best healthcare options at the most affordable prices.

In case you hadn’t noticed, healthcare seems to be everywhere in the news today.

It should be a basic right for all of us and yet it seems so hard to not only get insurance through work, but also be able to afford it even the benefit is offered!

What’s a family to do? (or anyone, for that matter).

I bring this up because this question is constantly on my mind. In fact, I recently interviewed for a more ‘traditional’ job (aka, not blogging) for the sheer fact that it offered health insurance benefits.

But is that what we’ve come to? Selling our professional dreams short for the sake of insurance? What was profoundly interesting to me in the process was that even though insurance was a benefit through this position, it was still incredibly costly.

We have this misnomer that insurance will solve all our problems; while I am a big believer in insurance, I’ve come to learn that even if you do have insurance, it doesn’t absolve you from doing your research when it comes to healthcare procedures.

Let me repeat: Just because you have insurance, that doesn’t mean it’s the cheapest way to go.
Do. Your. Research.  

The Need for MDsave & an Online Healthcare Marketplace


Unfortunately, healthcare is a business…a BIG business. And just like you’ll find a wide range of prices when shopping for a jacket or a car, you’ll likewise find a huge range of prices when it comes to medical procedures; as the consumer, it’s up to you to do your due diligence and not to take anything for face value.

If I’m told I need bloodwork, a mammogram or even a MRI, I’ve never thought to question where the doctor sends me. But it turns out that could be a costly mistake (as in thousands of dollars).

Did you know medical debt is the #1 cause of bankruptcy in America? I didn’t either until partnering with MDsave. In fact, 25% of working Americans have unaffordable healthcare costs compared to their income (per the Commonwealth Fund). When people can’t afford regular and preventative care, they put care off until it becomes urgent (and much more expensive)

How Does the MDsave Online Healthcare Marketplace Fill the Gap?


MDsave was created in response to rising cost-sharing, more high-deductible health plans, and more Americans paying out-of-pocket for healthcare. They help patients paying out-of-pocket by offering one all-inclusive price they can understand. This, in turn, helps doctors to help patients: by helping doctors get paid without the hassle of insurance claims or collections, MDsave is able to pre-negotiate savings that can be passed on to patients.

MDsave At-a-Glance:


Shopping online for healthcare has arrived. At, you can compare local prices, save money and buy your procedure — all in one place. MDsave is the world’s first online healthcare marketplace bringing together patients seeking affordable, quality care with providers offering trustworthy services at fair, bundled prices.

What will you get when you visit

* 165+ hospitals & health systems
* 1,200+ providers
* 750+ procedures
* The online marketplace is always free to use and available 24/7
* Patients pay upfront, all-inclusive prices – No surprise bills

And the best part about MDsave in my opinion: there is NO COST to use the service of MDsave, only the cost of the medical procedure itself.  Did you hear that? With MDsave there is no membership fee, just a free account.

I bet you’re wondering how this is possible (I know I was!). MDsave negotiates between 40-60% off the national rate of procedures because providers don’t incur the cost of billing or collections – and they pass the savings on to you.

The MDsave Promise


The best part of all of this is the MDsave promise: If you don’t get the care you want, they will refund your money.  My second favorite part of MDsave? Transparency: you see everything up front & know what you’re getting AND spending before you ever start the procedure or step into a doctor’s office or hospital.

Who is using MDsave?

Short answer: everyone! Because I couldn’t believe I hadn’t heard of MDsave before, I asked my contact who is currently using MDsave. It turns out, it’s filling a much needed gap in healthcare for a wide variety of our population.

A lot of millennials who don’t have insurance (or don’t have a robust insurance plan) are utilizing the savings. In fact, I heard a story of a medical student who bought his MRI online through MDsave and saved $900!

The older generation is also getting online and shopping for more affordable healthcare through MDsave, particularly for scans such as bone destiny.


Finally, it’s no surprise to me that women make up 65% of the MDsave users. After all, we like saving money, don’t we ladies? But as Mother’s Day approaches, I’m hoping you’ll encourage a special woman in your life to check out MDsave if she hasn’t already. If we can help more women (especially the moms out there) to get care sooner before it’s urgent, we’re helping them live a stronger, longer life.

After all, your mom gave you life…won’t you help give her health?

MDsave Nashville

I know not all of you reading this live in Music City, but if you do, I wanted to make you aware of the amazing MDsave providers based here in Nashville.

Just visit and enter your procedure or exam and location in the search bar. Then browse available providers and prices in your area. It’s that simple!

And while you’ll already be saving money simply by visiting MDsave, I have two special coupon codes for you to take advantage of: one for now, and one for later.

MDsave Coupon Code #1

Give mom the gift of health this week by using code MOM25 to take $25 off a service of $100 or more (good through 5/31/17 – one-time use only).

MDsave Coupon Code #2

Enter SAMI25 at checkout to get a one-time discount of $25 off any purchase of $100 or more, with no expiration date.

Keep in mind, only one promo code can be used at a time.

I’m so thankful to have a resource like MDsave in my back pocket and it’s a resource I simply couldn’t keep secret from you any longer. Now that you know MDsave exists, know that it will be available for you whenever you’re ready for it. Here’s to your health!

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