Monday's Menu Plan: July 20, 2009

by Sami

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We’re still on the road! After a great birthday spend with friends and family at Disney World, we’re now in south Florida. While our eating schedule is altered a bit, I still wanted to give you all a plan for the week so you have something to work off of. Remember, keep mixing in those fresh summer fruits and veggies while you can still get them (so inexpensively!). Take advantage of items like corn that you can cook once, but eat off of for awhile (cook on the grill for dinner one night, then cut the remaining off the cobb for a fresh salsa or salad the next night and then a chowder the night after that!). Once I’m back in my routine again, I’ll get more recipes posted for those fun summer nights!

Monday waffles with Nutella & powdered sugar   Burgers on the grill   Oven Roasted Turkey Breast with mashed potatoes and green beans
Tuesday Free pastries at Starbucks!   Cucumber and cream cheese tortilla rolls   Enchiladas  with salsa fresca and tortilla chips
Wednesday Cereal & blueberries   Ham & Cheese     Baked Pasta with zuchinni, green salad & garlic bread
Thursday Bagels & schmear   PB&J with chips   Grilled Chicken chopped salad
Friday Fruit Oatmeal   Cobb salad   Mac & Cheese with shrimp and bacon
Saturday Strawberry/Banana smoothie   Salad Trio (egg, chicken & tuna on lettuce)   Dinner out after church
Sunday Kariss’ birthday breakfast – whatever she wants!   Grilled Cheese & soup   BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches with Baked Beans

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