Monsters University DVD Release Prompts Miracle Healing!

by Sami

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Multiple sources confirm a miracle healing of a seven year old boy in Nashville, TN recently.

Things looked bleak for second grader and Disney fan, Britton Cone, as he started out his Fall Break recently.

Instead of frolicking with his friends, a stomach bug kept him vomiting all night and quarantined to his parents’ bed on what should have been his first day off from school.

Watch this first hand account of what transpired shortly thereafter:

It’s a miracle!

Immediately upon receiving the Monsters University DVD, you notice the obvious change in demeanor and the outlook on his condition radically improves.

Monsters University DVD Release Miracle Healing

Doctors will neither confirm nor deny the findings, but for the Cone family, they believe the DVD caused wonderful memories of viewing the film in the theater to come flooding back to his brain, clearing any virus from the blood.

To see lasting results, it’s recommended that you repeat viewing of the Monsters University DVD over and over again for 24 hours straight until every member of the family can recite it verbatim.

For some free Monsters University Halloween fun, check out the printables below:
Download Monstrous Halloween Activities


Disclosure: Disney provided a copy of Monsters University for my family but did not set any expectations for what to say or how to say it, nor did they have any idea I would film my sick child for the purpose of blogging 😉

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