New Disney Frozen Musical Song (& Top Frozen Ticket Tips)

by brenna

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It should come as no surprise to any true Disney fan, but Frozen the Musical is finally here! Not only is there a new Disney Frozen song that’s been created just for the musical (which you can watch and listen to below), I’m sharing the 4 top Frozen ticket tips to help get you in the show.

New Disney Frozen Musical Song (& 4 Top Frozen Ticket Tips)

If I’m being completely honest, Disney’s Frozen wasn’t my favorite film, but perhaps that’s because my son threw up into a popcorn bucket halfway through the film and I was forced to miss most of it.

My favorite moment: “In Summer” as sung by Olaf (and really, who else could pull off such a tune?)

My least favorite moment: Why didn’t anyone tell Anna why Elsa couldn’t play with her anymore??? It still breaks my mama’s heart.

There, I’ve said it. Now I feel we can move on.

New Disney Frozen Musical Song

Are you dying to hear the new song already? I figured. Watch the World Premiere of “Monster” from Frozen the Musical:

What do you think? Does it live up to the hype? I can’t imagine the pressure the award-winning team was under to create another hit like “Let it Go”, but they sure delievered in the drama department.

So how does one score tickets to what’s sure to be the hottest Broadway musical since Hamilton?

4 Top Frozen Ticket Tips

1. Try Weeknights for better availability
2. Avoid weeks that include a holiday
3. Be Flexible with your seating preference
4. Look at performances in August for best availability

Sure, most of those seem to apply to any Broadyway musical, but with what is sure to have thousands of Anna & Elsa look-a-likes in its audience, the fourth tip seems especially pertinent to capitalize on kids being back in school.

Ready to buy tickets to Disney Frozen the Broadway Musical? Head over here for all things Frozen the Musical.

Need to stock up on some Frozen essentials before attending Frozen the Musical? Shop all things Frozen at the Disney Store online (affiliate link).

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