My Favorite Restaurants in Opryland Hotel

by Sami

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I promised to share my favorite restaurants in Opryland Hotel after my last SoundWaves visit and the wait is finally over. From upscale eats to quick treats, I’m dishing about all my favorite Opryland meals.


My Favorite Restaurants in Opryland Hotel

With Opryland Hotel situated in Nashville, it should come as no surprise that the restaurants at Opryland are top notch. While I definitely have my favorite places to eat in Opryland, I also have favorite individual Opryland food finds.

Whether you want to eat healthy, grab a quick bite or indulge for a celebration, you can find it all inside Opryland Resort!

Opryland Hotel Dining Tips

Before I make your mouth water with my top Opryland restaurant picks, let me share some Opryland Hotel dining tips:

  • The most “quick-service” options are located in the Delta atrium. This is where you’ll find less expensive counter service options like “Stax” & “Paisano’s”. You can even stop by the Delta Marketplace for a grab ‘n go snack.
  • Looking for a nicer dining experience with ethnic flair in a serene surrounding? Head to the bottom level of the Garden Conservatory atrium to dine in Solario Cantina (Mexican) or Ravello Italian).
  • Don’t overlook the Soundwaves Water Attraction. They serve my favorite food offering in all of Opryland (see below for details).
  • Parking is validated when you eat at the full-service Opryland restaurants. This is a great tip to remember, especially during the holidays when Opryland hotel parking is at a premium.
  • Opry Mills Mall is about a 10-15 minute walk from the hotel if you’re looking for a true food court experience. Opryland Resort offers free shuttle service as well, but if it’s nice out, it’s quicker to walk. Opry Mills also offers sit down restaurants too (we love Chuy’s).

Cascades Restaurant: My Opryland Go-To

The Cascades Restaurant in Oprland Hotel is our family’s go-to for several reasons. First of all, it’s situated in the heart of the iconic Cascades Atrium just off of the lobby. You eat amongst waterfalls and foliage while taking in the full splendor of your surroundings.

But the main reason we eat at Cascades Restaurant whenever we visit Opryland Resort is it offers the best of both worlds…literally. One side of the menu is American and the flip side is Japanese. Technically, the Japanese is courtesy of “Wasabi’s”, but it’s located within Cascades. As of writing this, I don’t know of anywhere else in Nashville where I can order a burger, miso soup, edamame and fried avocado from the same menu. The menu truly makes everyone in my family happy.

The SoundWaves Lobster Roll: My Opryland Favorite Food

I’m not from New England. I’m actually allergic to most seafood. And yes, I know Nashville is not on the ocean. But my single favorite food item at Opryland is the Lobster Roll created especially for SoundWaves.

Opryland SoundWaves Lobster Roll sandwich favorite food

The Opryland chef introduced me to this Lobster Roll during the SoundWaves Grand Opening event and I haven’t been the same since. Lobster is the star of this dish that features fresh, crisp elements and very little mayonnaise. (I can’t do “creamy salads”). It’s hard to explain what makes this roll so delicious, but I definitely experienced love at first bite.

The only downside is, as far as I know, you have to be in SoundWaves to order the Lobster Roll. But really, why wouldn’t you book a SoundWaves package if you’re staying at Opryland?

Best Opryland Quick Service Restaurant: Stax Burgers

Our family is split on which Opryland quick service restaurant is the best. But since I’m writing this post, I get to say Stax Burgers.

At Stax in the Delta Atrium, you get to custom design your burger. That includes choice of meat and gourmet toppings. And while their fries are favorites, I absolutely LOVE their homemade potato chips.

Truth be told, the only reason why our daughter likes Paisano’s Pizzaria more is that she’s vegetarian (even though Stax has an incredible veggie burger). And if I’m really confessing, I’ve been known to order a burger at Stax, but then get an extra piece of pizza at Paisano’s after ordering a slice of cheese for my daughter. They are HUGE slices at a great price.

Best Opryland Restaurant to Watch the Game: Fuse

The Magnolia district in Opryland Resort & Convention Center is quite special. You can literally feel the energy coming out of the eateries there. Jack Daniel’s, Findley’s Pub & Fuse Sports Bar are all practically neighbors and each have their own charm. But Fuse is where you want to go when the big game is on.

While some may argue there isn’t anything like being at the game in-person, Fuse just about puts you in the heart of the action. With more than 100 high-definition TV’s and tailgate-inspired dishes, you won’t miss a minute of the action. I also love how Fuse opens up into the district, shedding the stigma of stuffy sports’ bars that tend to close patrons in.

Most Unique Menu Selections: Decibels

One of the newest Opryland restaurants is Decibels, located inside of SoundWaves.

When I asked Opryland’s Executive Chef how they came up with the menu for Decibels, he said his team kept one question in mind: “What food would you want to eat if you were on a beach vacation?”

From there they handcrafted food from our favorite fun in the sun destinations from across the country. In addition to my favorite Lobster Roll and homemade potato chips, you’ll also find the following on the Decibels menu:

  • Cheeseburger with charcoal bun
  • Ban mi
  • Fresh Summer roll
  • Homemade popsicles (including blackberry mint popsicles & strawberry jalapeño)
opryland decibels pepsi cups

In addition to the thoughtfulness behind the food, there exists a similar commitment to the environment. You won’t find plastic straws inside of SoundWaves. And when you buy a fountain drink, you get free refills all day!

The Best Meals of My Life

I’ve eaten some of the best meals of my life at Gaylord Opryland. When you consider the sheer scope of how many eateries they have and the number of chefs it takes to feed every person that comes to the resort, it’s mind-boggling.

And did I mention everything is homemade?

Allow me to share photos of a few of my favorite meals, some of which I’ve been treated to during special events at Opryland:

I know I said the SoundWaves Lobster Rolls are my favorite, but coming in a close second is breakfast at Opryland. From freshly pressed juice combinations to Southern specialties topped with honey from one of their 17 beehives on property, Opryland breakfasts soothe my soul. My kids used to love the Opryland character breakfasts, even though they now prefer room service breakfast in bed.

I could describe more delicious Opryland meals, but then the drool on my computer keys could cause permanent problems. And why keep you here reading when you could be booking your next Opryland vacation and enjoying these dishes yourself?

What questions can I answer for you? Leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to give you the honest answers you need when it comes to dining at Opryland hotel.

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