“Parking Lot Rules” Review

by Sami

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Parking Lot Rules & 75 Other Ideas for Raising Amazing Children

by Tom Sturges

*I have to admit, I didn’t thoroughly read the whole book, and I almost didn’t check it out from the library, but he does make some interesting points and gives some great ideas that you may have heard already, but frames them in interesting ways. The ideas are framed within 7 chapters and listed under each chapter are some of my favorites:

1. Every Day
#4: Smile when you see them (make your child feel welcome from the first moment he sees you)
#5: Once seen, never unseen
#9: Make life promises and keep them
#10: No hands to the face (this followed the points “everyday stay healthy” & “wash hands”)

2. Communicating with Your Children
#14: Yes, not what (when your kids call you, answer “yes” instead of an annoying “what???”)
#15: The Excellent Question game (teach kids to ask questions they truly don’t know the answer to)
#18: The 5 best times to talk to your child (bath, drive, bed, wake-up and anytime!)
#22: When you get upset, whisper (also, it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it)

3. Manners Matter
4. No Lost Children
5. Disciplines and Punishments
6. Pain Happens, Now What?
7. Play Sports, Period.

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