Starting Your School Day Off Right: 4 Quick Tips

by Sami

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starting your school day off right: 4 quick tips

Since I promised 4 Quick Tips to starting your school day off right, let me just quench the suspense and give those to you right away:

1. Lay out your priorities

2. Develop a schedule

3. Set their minds

4. Communicate your expectations

Now if you want to learn the detailed how and why behind making each of these tips a reality, you’ll have to read my full article on How to Start Your School Day Off Right on But suffice it to say, this advice comes from personal need and experience.

I have one child who gets out of bed quite easily in the morning and another who…does not.

However, everything changed a few months ago after making only one change.

What that made me realize was that as parents, more often than not, we grossly underestimate our kids. And worse than that, I wasn’t giving them the room to prove me wrong.

Our kids are capable. Give them something to look forward to. Challenge them. Allow them the opportunity to rise above the mundane of the everyday and see a glimpse of the extraordinary God designed for us!

So if you’re like me and find yourself hurrying your kids into the car each morning with a cup of dried cereal, praying no-one forgot homework or a lunch box, I challenge you re-think your morning routine by digging deeper into the 4 tips above.

Then come back and let me know how they worked for you 😉

For more tips on how to re-prioritize your year, check out my series on How to Live a Prioritized Life.

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