Tide Vivid White + Bright Helps this Mom Conquer Her Fear…

by Sami

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White sheets. Who on earth would buy white sheets???!?!???!?

At least that was my thinking up until a couple months ago.

After all, I consider myself a fairly colorful girl (keep in mind, after getting married, my husband had to break the news to me that purple was not a stand-alone design theme). But I digress.

So after nearly 10 years of marriage when he wanted to trade in said purple sheets for white, I thought him a bit loony.

“Who buys white sheets?” I threw back at him, expecting that to disarm him enough to win my argument.

But no…he quickly and confidently countered with, “Only every luxury hotel in America!”

He had me. Some of our favorite hotel beds were exactly that because of the bright, crisp white sheets with complementing duvet cover…and of course a plethora of different shaped white pillows arranged all over the head of the bed in a way that screams out “you would never dare do this at home if you had children!”.

luxury-white-hotel-sheetsBut then it got me thinking…how much of my life as a mom over the past 9 years had I lived paralyzed in fear over the color white? I didn’t dare wear white during the first few years of our children’s lives and was even more afraid of having white around the house.

So I decided – no more! White is beautiful! White represents all we love in life: brightness, purity, light, freshness & newness. So we finally bit the bullet while we were on a cruise this winter and bought bamboo sheets in, you guessed it, WHITE!

20130319-110149.jpg Aren’t they lovely?

But with white sheets came a responsibility to find a detergent that would keep those sheets squeaky clean like bleach, but without the harsh effects. Enter Tide Vivid White + Bright with bleach alternative.

The clean didn’t stop at the white sheets though. I turned it on the kids’ school shirts, dirty socks and even the old washcloths I had assumed I’d have to toss away.

20130319-103336.jpg Not only am I not afraid of whites now, I’m actually considering ushering in spring with a pair of white skimmer pants…

I know, I’m such a mom rebel😉

Tide Vivid White + Bright keeps whites brighter longer allowing you to break the rules of white. Learn more about Tide’s whiteness regimen by visiting DailyCandy.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Tide. The opinions and text are all mine.

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