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Tinker Bell: Secret of the Wings surprises me


Today (October 23, 2012) marks the release of the newest Disney DVD title starring Tinker Bell: Secret of the Wings!

My family had the chance to see a preview in theaters last weekend and I can’t say I was highly anticipating it. After all, this isn’t the first Tinker Bell sequel and when I see something releasing straight to DVD, it usually sets off a red flag in my mind that equates to “not as good as the original”.

But my daughter loves Tinker Bell and both kids jump at the chance to see movies on the big screen, so we went.

Instead of eating popcorn, I had to eat my words.

As I sat watching Secret of the Wings, I found myself wanting to watch it again…before it even ended! The story not only details the difference between the sinter and summer fairies, but more importantly, uncovers that Tinker Bell has a twin sister: Periwinkle!


Aren’t they too cute for words? (Not to mention very stylish in their winter fashions 😉

Not only was the story sweet, there were several laugh-out-loud moments for me as well…not easy to do these days.

If you’d like some Winter Fairy Fun for your family, check out the free activities below:
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And watch a clip from Secret of the Wings here:


Disney provided me with the Secret of the Wings DVD to review, but the opinions expressed are completely my own.