Unique LED Floor Lamps for Home Staging

by Sami

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As a home staging professional, my husband excels in transforming clients’ homes and office spaces for the better. I’m always amazed at how a unique floor lamp can literally brighten an otherwise dull room. So I challenged him to put some of the unique LED floor lamps he uses for staging in our own family room. I think you’ll agree, the impact is impressive…

unique LED floor lamps home staging Brightech

Unique LED Floor Lamps for Staging

Before my husband started home staging, I used to just think a light was a light. As much as I hate to say my husband was right, his emphasis on the right lighting should not be understated.

There are so many types of floor lamps, from table and torchiere to swing arm and arcing. To really make an impact in your home, I’m partial to arcing floor lamp. I’ll explain why in just a minute, but first, let me share how floor lamps have changed over the years…

unique LED floor lamps 1 unique LED floor lamps 2

Benefits of LED Lamps

According to the Department of Energy, LED lamps and lights have several advantages over traditional lighting. IN addition to consuming less energy, they are also cooler than incandescent lights and are less likely to break than glass bulbs.

LED lighting will endure for more than 20 years without burning out or overheating. Knowing these facts, it would only make sense to look for a new, unique LED floor lamp for the most loved and highly trafficked room of your home.

The Most Modern LED Floor Lamps

LED floor lamps of today are not the straight stick floor lamps of our childhood. The modern floor lamps you’ll find today are sleek, beautiful and, at times, seem to defy gravity.

The most striking factor for me is that some of these floor lamps look like pieces of art. Choosing the right lamp can easily become the focal point of the room, literally and figuratively.

mason led floor lamp brightech

The Brightech Mason Floor Lamp: Modern Arc Lamp

In the end, we opted with the Brightech Mason floor lamp – a modern LED Arc Lamp. This stunning floor lamp stood out to us for several reasons.

While your attention is typically directed to the top of a lamp, we couldn’t help but notice the marble base. Not only is it sturdy enough to support the arcing lamp, the white marble is stunning. It fits beautifully with our decor, mimicking the same marbling in our kitchen just on the other side of our family room. And because of the base’s low profile, it could easily slide under furniture to save more space.

mason LED arc floor lamp

Speaking of space, this is not a small lamp. which makes it the perfect overhead lamp for rooms with high ceilings. That being said, we only have 8-foot ceilings and yet the Mason lamp not only compliments our space, it anchors it. This is why home stagers put such emphasis on lighting: you get maximum results for minimum investment.

In fact, at just $135.99, we couldn’t believe how reasonable this lamp from Brightech was. For us, we couldn’t order it fast enough.

Buy Brightech Mason Arc Floor Lamp

Mason LED Floor Lamp Features

To summarize, here are just a few of the Mason LED floor lamp features:

    • Weighted marble base, 15″ diameter and is 2″ tall
    • Unique double cylindrical lamp shade measures 19 inches in diameter and 22 inches in height
    • Reaches 81 inches in height
    • 9.5 Watt power-saving LED light so that you will never have to replace a bulb
    • Satin Nickel or Bronze finish
    • 5 Year Satisfaction Guarantee

The Brightech Lighting Promise

Brightech is committed to having you love your lighting purchase. Not only do they offer free shipping on all orders over $50 to the 48 contiguous United States, you can also return your purchase for FREE should there be any issues.

Looking for even more value? Sign up for the Brightech email list and you’ll save an additional 15% off your first order.

brightech mason LED floor lamp

Even in the short time we’ve incorporated our Mason lamp into our decor, we’ve received compliments on it from every single person who has seen it. We couldn’t be happier with our unique LED floor lamp from Brightech and I hope you’ll find a lamp you fall in love with too!

Order the Brightech Mason Floor Lamp

Disclosure: We received the Brightech Floor Lamp for free in exchange for our honest review. We’ve loved it so much, we can’t wait to add more Brightech lighting solutions to our home! All opinions our completely my own.

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Audrey McClelland October 26, 2018 - 4:48 pm

I just showed Matt this post! We’ve been looking for great lighting options! Thanks for sharing!!

sami October 26, 2018 - 7:49 pm

You bet – we also got incredible outdoor string lighting from them for our patio…wait til you see how that turned out!

Lauren October 26, 2018 - 4:28 pm

Great idea for extra lighting in small spaces…which I have. Thanks!

sami October 26, 2018 - 7:49 pm

It’s amazing how the right lamp can brighten up even the smallest of spaces!

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