Happy 7th Birthday Kariss! Top 10 Tuesday

by Sami

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happy-birthday-karissHappy 7th Birthday to my Kariss! It’s hard to believe my first-born is about to enter 2nd grade and yet, here we are!

This is only my second time doing a “Top 10 Tuesday” post (and the first time was for Britton’s birthday!) – ironically both my kids’ birthdays have been on Tuesdays this year 🙂 I wanted to share with you not only why I won’t be online much today, but also what amazes and delights me about my little angel on a daily basis:

1. Her Mind
Kariss has an amazing way of processing information. She is very “thought”ful….meaning she is always full of information and is constantly thinking about how to order her day. She finds great delight in order and security in knowing what’s coming next. She is very bright and keeps our family in check when we may be feeling a little too spontaneous 😉

2. Her Hair
I thought it only appropriate to talk about her hair, especially since she’s having a “Tangled” birthday party! The first thing everyone always says to Kariss when they see her is “You have such beautiful hair!”. It’s true. This girl’s hair goes on for days in beautiful waves…though I can take no credit for it! It’s purely from daddy’s side of the family (and much like her Auntie Kate’s hair!). It is truly stunning.

3. Her Sense of Justice
A typical first-born, Kariss has a need for everything to be fair. Though this can sometimes get her in trouble with her little brother, it is often put to use to make sure all her friends are being taken care of. She does come from a line of lawyers on my side of the family 😉

4. Her Sense of Adventure
Though Kariss is more introverted than her parents, she has a wonderful sense of adventure. I wouldn’t say she rushes in to try new things, but as she’s found success in taking risks (like winning her first swim meet, loving water slides, etc), she’s become more inclined to try more and more and thus experienced even more out of life!

5. Her Height
After everyone talks about Kariss’ hair when they meet her, the next thing they say is, “You’re so tall!” (again, don’t think she got that from me either). Though I feel like it’s always made her look older than she actually is, she’s also been able to live up to that maturity and help us in so many ways from a young age.

6. Her Name
Before I even got married, I knew that I wanted my daughter’s name to come from the Greek word, “charis” which means “grace” or a “gift from God”. I actually discovered it when reading my Hebrew-Greek Key Word Study Bible; in Luke 1:30 when the angel of the Lord visits Mary and tells her, “You have found favor in the eyes of the Lord”, “favor” is literally the word “charis”. We just changed the spelling to make it a little easier to pronounce – though that hasn’t worked out as well as we’d planned 🙂 Her middle name is “Nevaeh” which is “Heaven” spelled backwards (her daddy came up with that one!).

7. Her Artistic Ability
This was the first thing Kariss truly claimed as a talent. She loves to draw and create for others. Not only is it her way of showing love, but I love how she’ll tell people, “I’m an artist.”

8. She’s a Fish
Kariss has always loved the water. She loves to swim and is good at it. She’s always had a home in the water, but now that she’s joined the swim team, she’s discovered another talent as well.

9. Her Love of Princesses & Babies
Like the rest of our family, Kariss loves Disney, but she’s especially fond of the Princesses (especially Ariel, Rapunzel & Tiana) and truly loves taking care of her baby dolls in her nursery…and really any other real baby or little girl under 3 for that matter. She’s very sweet and caring with all of them and it gives me a special glimpse into what she’ll be like as a mother one day.

10. Her Love for our Family
While Kariss will be the first to tell you she’d rather be alone in her room than in a large group, she also loves just being at home with our family. It doesn’t really matter what we’re doing, as long as we’re together! I pray daily that her spirit will always stay the same as she grows because I always want her to WANT to be with us!

Happy birthday, my lovely Kariss! I pray today is all you’ve dreamed it would be!

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