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Monday’s Meal Plan: December 20

monday-meal-planIt’s Monday’s Meal Plan for December 20th.

I know I’ve taken a break for awhile, but I didn’t think people would be that interested in our protein shakes and eating out of the pantry! However, we’re excited to embrace all the winter produce and holiday festivities now. I’m also happy to announce that I’ll be back on Talk of the Town on January 6th with a “Healthy Eating on a Budget” segment and I’ll be partnering with Whole Foods in the New Year to bring you a series of videos on the same topic!

Remember, you can always just use what you see below as inspiration if you’re not thrilled with our offerings or you can check out my meal plan archives. I hope you’ve also been following my video series on cleaning out the pantry for a healthier you!

MondayCereal & ClementinesPumpkin Soup with Sourdough BreadEarly Christmas Dinner!
TuesdayEggs & GritsTurkey & Ham Sandwiches (leftover from last night!)Taco Bar
WednesdayCerealPB&J on Rice CakesHoney Chicken with broccoli over Brown Rice
ThursdayFruit Smoothie with yogurtChicken & Cheese Roll UpsTaco Bar
FridayCereal & FruitChiliBaked Sole with Lemon Butter & Parsley Potatoes
SaturdayEgg Scramble with Cheesy PotatoesQuesadillasKielbasa & Pinto Beans
SundayWafflesleftoversChicken Tortilla Soup