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Monday’s Meal Plan: June 27

monday-meal-planMonday’s Meal Plan for June 27 combines some family favorites with a few new twists. After being on the road the past couple weeks, it’s nice to get back home and back on schedule.

With the new Cuisinart Ice-Cream Maker
that we got my husband for Father’s Day, we’ve incorporated homemade ice cream into our Family Fun Nights with our regular pizza dinner. So far we’ve made strawberry and S’mores ice cream, with raspberry sorbet up next…can you say YUM?!

Here is this week’s Monday’s Meal Plan, complete with breakfast, lunch AND dinner selections. While I cannot give you the recipes for the e-Mealz dishes , they have extended a very generous discount code for my readers to take advantage of through August. You’ll find the e-Mealz options in bold so you know what you’d be getting if you head over there!

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MondayGluten Free Waffles with PB & SyrupHam & Cheese Roll Ups, grapesStuffed Peppers with Hot Bread
TuesdayCinnamon Oatmeal with honey & raisinsJapanese Noodles with veggiesRosemary Roast, mahed potatoes
WednesdayCereal & yogurtPita PizzaSouthern Chicken Tender Chopped Salad
ThursdayFruit OatmealGrilled Chicken WrapsCreamy Roast Beef Pitas (using the leftover roast)
FridaySmoothiesPB&J on rice cakes, berriesFamily Fun Night! Pizza, salad & Homemade ice cream
SaturdayCrepesBeef Barley Vegetable Soup with crackersPortabello Mushroom Burgers, oven fries
SundayEggs & GritsleftoversSesame Teriyaki Chicken over rice